27 May
Scott Keppel

Bikini preparation requires discipline not only in the gym, but more importantly in the kitchen.  Through my more than 20 years of experience and number of clients that have turned pro, won their class and placed in the top 5, I know how to properly fuel your body to obtain the look and feel you desire.

As soon as we start working together, I will evaluate your current exercise and nutrition routine. Then coach you on what adjustments need to be made to assure you not only look your best on show day, but more importantly teach you how you can maintain this lifestyle.

There is not just one way for a woman to prepare for a bikini competition. I develop a customized training program based on their fitness level, physique and limitations.

Workout plans will have detailed information on how many days you should train and a nutrition log will be kept and reviewed.

I will work with you to make sure you feel you have that total package on the day of your competition.

– Scott Keppel