27 May
Scott Keppel

You have what it takes to live a healthy life. While it isn’t always easy, I’m here to educate and empower you on how to take back control.

I take eating right and exercising seriously. I do not believe in gimmicks or quick fixes when it comes to getting healthy. It’s about setting realistic goals that fit into your lifestyle long-term.

This includes looking at everything from the types of workouts you enjoy to being able to eat healthy, while enjoying treats in moderation.

Some like a structured eating plan while others want parameters. I hone in on your fitness “personality” to create the best game plan for you.

I not only create meal plans, but I offer individual training and group fitness classes. The group setting is a great way to meet others who all have one goal in mind, and that is to get healthy.

If you can’t see me in the gym, I can come to you. I work with clients virtually and provide programs that you can do on your own.

I also make sure to hold you accountable by measuring and tracking your progress at least once a week to ensure you’re reaching the goals you have set for yourself.

One of the biggest challenges I find with a client is they think they might get bored or will find that working out is not fun.

Don’t worry; I change things up in the food and exercise departments by adding in new equipment such as kettle balls, resistance bands and Power Plates to introducing you to new foods.

If you’re willing to make the change, I will find a solution for you.