27 May
Scott Keppel

I know all the hard work needed to succeed in a men’s physique competition.

When I decided to do my first contest, I enlisted a coach to help me out. In turn, I have been able to take what I learned along the way in my fitness journey and give back to those who have one goal in mind … to look and feel their best.

In preparing for a men’s physique competition, it is imperative that your nutrition be consistent and your lifting routine maintainable.

When you begin working with me, I will evaluate your current exercise routine and nutrition, then coach you on what adjustments need to be made to assure you reach the physique you desire.

Your customized workout plans will have detailed information on how many days you should train, how many sets, reps and tempo. I will create sample meal plans of what you should be eating and send you suggestions during the process on how to incorporate a variety of foods and ensure a balanced diet.

With more than 20 years of training experience and several years focused on my own preparation in men’s physique competitions, I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals in person or online.

– Scott Keppel