04 Aug
Scott Keppel

Richard is a client of mine who has had incredible drive and dedication from the moment he started training with me. Any fitness journey can have its ups and downs, and some words of encouragement can sometimes be exactly what you need to keep you motivated.

Q: What was your transformation goal?

A: My goal was to lose 60 or more pounds and train myself into better mental and physical health.


Q: How long did it take you to get to a place where you realized you were making changes?  I realize some of you are still working towards your ultimate goal, but at what point did you see that the plan you are is working?

A: I have been trying for a while, but I would say last July I really became motivated. I have a very good mentor and I had your continued support.


Q: What were those changes?

A: I started walking a couple of hours in the morning and try not to miss any days training.


Q: Where are you at today compared to when you started?  Weight done, inches down, medication down, feeling?  etc…

A: I weigh 210, down from 275.  I don’t know the inches. My blood work is excellent.


Q: How often do you workout out?

A: 6-7 days a week.


Q: What is a typical day of eating look like (if there is one).

A: Fruit for breakfast, maybe a piece of toast.  Chicken for lunch. Veggies for dinner.


Q: What was your biggest obstacle?

A: Diet.


Q: Who or what was one of your biggest supporters?

A: Well, Scott as a trainer and friend. And my sweet girl Alli, my inspiration and biggest supporter.


Q: Any words of wisdom for someone else going through the same transformation?

A: Decide you want to do it, then just do whatever is necessary. No excuses, own your set-backs, and truly relish and marvel at what you can accomplish.