11 Sep
Scott Keppel

Q: When did you compete?  

A: I competed in 2012.

Q: What was your official Title Holder Name?

A: Miss Arizona America 2012

Q: What are you currently doing?

A: I live in Tucson with my husband and am enjoying married life! I work at the University of Arizona Alumni Association in College Relations. I am also an adviser for our student alumni ambassador club. Bear Down Wildcats!

Q: How did competing for Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Outstanding America or Miss Teen USA help prepare you for where you are currently at?

A: Holding the title of Miss Arizona America gave me immeasurable skills that I use every day. I grew so much as a person. i.e. physical and mental growth, networking opportunities, philanthropic connections, and a lifelong sisterhood! The physical and mental preparation for Miss America (and throughout the year) gave me interview and speaking skills that I use today in my career at the U of A! I am able to speak to high level professionals with confidence and poise. I learned the importance of overall physical health. Scott helped me develop habits that I will maintain my entire life. His gym is such a positive and healthy environment. He customized workouts and a nutrition plan for my lifestyle and I still use them today two and a half years later. I must say, he also builds awesome butts, tee hee!

Q: If you could go back in time, what one thing (or more) would you do different when you competed?

A: I would have had bigger delts wink emoticon ! I also would have kept my hair more natural!

Q: What was the best part of your pageant experience?  

A: The sparkles!! But really, the people I met. The individuals I connected with, from children at the hospital to all of the ladies I competed with (Arizona and America), helped create incredible memories that I will carry with me forever.

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