15 Sep
Scott Keppel

“I really appreciate everything Scott and Nolan have done for me. Scott has completely changed my way of thinking about nutrition and exercise. He has taught me about properly fueling my body for every workout and has really put me at a great place with my relationship with food and nutrition. I was the typical cardio bunny that stayed away from carbs. I never knew it was possible to decrease body fat by eating 230 grams of carbs a day! I was a D1 college soccer player and believe it or not, i never ate that many carbs in my life! Somehow I kept decreasing in body fat, as Scott kept increasing my carb intake. He is very knowledgeable and is such a great teacher in everything that he does. I can’t thank Scott enough for educating me about fueling my body and putting me in a great place with nutrition and the way I exercise.”
– Jessica Bartol

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