We at STS design programs to help your child with injury prevention, and which are fun and productive for all sports. Our fitness and nutrition coaches at STS are nationally certified that specialize in sport and youth specific training.

Our programs will be designed to help your child learn the proper mechanics so he/she can jump higher, run faster, move quicker all the while reducing their chance of injury.  Our programs can be scaled to the beginner that is looking to have more play time and less bench time to the child that has being playing basketball, football, soccer or whatever sport it may be for quite some time, but needs to fine tune his/her strength, speed and/or agility.

The programs can be done either at our location in Chandler (6100 W. Gila Springs Place, Suite 23.  Chandler, 85226) and/or virtually.  We have coached a number of athletes in person as well as Zoom and feel we can help your child be their very best and teach them the skills that will help them to throughout their life.

Example Sports Training Exercises