15 May
Scott Keppel
  1. Lift weights: Lifting not only will help shape what you already have, but builds lean muscle at the same time.  This burns more fat and helps fight osteoporosis, weight gain, anxiety, and more.
  2. Practice Yoga: Take some time to breathe, work on flexibility, and mindfulness.
  3. Meditate: Find time to sit in stillness and connect with your faith, goals, or just yourself. This is a great time to clear your head and prepare yourself for the day ahead.
  4. Laugh: Spend time being with those that make you laugh. Laughter can help reduce stress, diminish pain, and inspire hope.
  5. Pray: The power of prayer (for those of you who do it) has been linked to increase in self-esteem, inspiring hope and decreasing anxiety.
  6. Keep on tracking: Keep tracking your food and exercise and for those of you who have not been doing this, start! The only way to know where to go, is to know where you are coming from.
  7. Try something new: Instead of always doing legs by themselves or 3 sets of everything, try a full body workout. Incorporate Tabata, EDT, or just add a set or two. Remember to build and maintain lean muscle, we must place a stress on the body it is not accustomed to.
  8. Read: Just like we must exercise to keep our muscles strong, we need to push our minds too. Grab a book and find some time to relax and read.
  9. Train with me: If you already do, refer someone you know. Doing a good deed for someone you know will help you feel better and training with me will definitely help them feel better. If you already train with me, then you’re that much further along!
  10. Love: ‘Nuff said.

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