19 Aug
Scott Keppel
Are you trying to lose weight, build muscle, stave off cravings, prevent mood swings, and maybe even a child’s (or spouse’s) tantrum?

Protein to the rescue! After all,
• Protein is satisfying! Incorporating enough protein will help you feel nourished and less likely to crash or binge.
• Protein is linked to better brain function (less mood swings!)
• Protein helps build and repair muscle
• Protein is the building block of hair, nails, bones, muscle, skin, and even cartilage and blood.
• B Vitamins in protein serve the nervous system, formation of red blood cells, and help the body release energy.
• Iron in protein carries oxygen through the blood

The body doesn’t store protein like it does carbs and fats, so you’ve got to keep replenishing. Keep some turkey sticks (I like Tom’s turkey sticks), protein shakes, cheese, beef jerky, homemade meatballs or burger patties, or even a Quest bar on hand to keep the hangries at bay.

#whattoeatwednesday tip is brought to you by @moanoutloudproteinshakes and @andreabarkley.