08 Sep
Scott Keppel

Q: When did you compete?

A: I competed in December for this year 2015 and competed at Miss Teen USA in August!

Q: What was your official Title Holder Name?

A: Miss Utah Teen USA.

Q: What are you currently doing?

A: I just finished competing at Miss Teen USA and am getting ready for college!

Q: How did competing for Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Outstanding America or Miss Teen USA help prepare you for where you are currently at?

A: Already I’ve seen the change in my confidence and how I hold myself. I’ve become better with interviewing and being happy with myself!

Q: If you could go back in time, what one thing (or more) would you do different when you competed?

A: I would have tried to be more involved in my community before hand. I have seen the difference that it has made with me, and I didn’t have to be a title holder to do that.

Q: What was the best part of your pageant experience?

A: Meeting new people from everywhere. At Miss USA I got to meet almost all of the incredible teens and it has been so fun to gain the friendships already. Also I was very fortunate to have an incredible big “sister queen” who I have been able to get to know this year who has become such a big role model to me.

Q: What was your least favorite?

A: Not being able to hang out with the friends I’ve made everyday haha!

Thank you so much for all you have done this year, and helping me feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ve loved working with you this year. You’ve helped so much with my confidence, and taught me life lessons I will carry with me!

-Brooke Skabelund (Miss Utah Teen USA 2015) . Checkout the program she followed here.