03 Jun
Scott Keppel

“There are no before and after pictures that can describe the transformation that Scott has facilitated for me. Outside I come off as gregarious, outspoken, and spunky. However, there is a shy, self-conscious, and scared person inside of me. The timid side of me surrounds my inability to be physical, active, or strong. After many medical issues including cancer and back surgery my physical and mental limitations were at an all time high. Finding the will or strength to be physically active took a lot of convincing.

Going to see Scott was intimidating and overwhelming. To see him, the trainers, and other clients was like looking your worst fear in the face. He started me slowly with mostly body movements to get me comfortable with my body and range of motion. I went from using the wall to squat (or bend my knees!) to being able to squat down to the bench. What may seem like small fetes for others, were monumental for me!

I celebrated each increase in rep or weight and Scott has been with me for each celebration. He empowers me to not only believe in myself but him as well. He has an authentic concern and interest in my success. His plan for me is tailored to my physical abilities, diet needs, interests, and individualized success factors. Scott hones in on what is important to me and how to create goals that lead to my success specifically.

Scott is my champion. He gives me the courage to push myself through believing in my abilities, my potential, and me. My fear of physical activity is deep rooted and only intensifies based on my medical history. Scott makes intelligent decisions based on knowing the human body’s abilities during times of medical stress such as cancer or injury. His knowledge and genuine care for my well-being allows me to trust in him, so I can focus on building the strength and activity of fitness and wellness.

It is difficult to encapsulate all that Scott has done for me in one catch phrase or brief sentence. Scott has shown me to believe in myself, give credence to overall fitness, and trust in my inner strength. With these transformations I am able to stand up to the shy, conscious, and scared woman in me, to no longer hold me back from what I have the capacity to achieve. Scott creates an environment where success is the only outcome; because, he listens to your needs, creates a specific plan, and genuinely cares for your well-being. Going to see Scott is one of the scariest decisions I made because I had to make myself a priority; but, it is one of the most beneficial decisions in shaping who I am today!”

– Ashleigh Graham