03 Jun
Scott Keppel

“I have been a client of Scott’s since 2010 where he trained me for my first figure competition (post 2 babies).  It was a dream of mine to compete but having had two children, I just wasn’t sure I could do it.  Being a personal trainer, I knew a bit about exercise but I didn’t know the first thing about figure training or nutrition.  I came to Scott and asked if he could help me reach my goal…my dreams.  He agreed under one condition; I needed to trust him.  Having only known him for literally 15 min. I couldn’t believe I was on board.  From that day forward I have trusted and embraced every meal plan, every workout, every piece of knowledge, every encouraging email or words I was blessed to receive from Scott Keppel.

My husband and I moved to WI in 2011 and I was devastated that I couldn’t train with Scott anymore.  Shortly after moving, we continued to grow our family with two more babies but competing again was never completely out of the picture.  I still had goals and dreams I wanted to accomplish.  Scott, once again, helped me all the way from AZ to compete in two figure competitions in WI.  We worked 12 weeks “on-line”.  If I had a question about something or was having an “off” day Scott was always quick to respond to any text or email I had.  I believe it was the best I have ever looked at a show mentally and physically and we did everything via email, pictures, phone calls, etc.  I never strayed from our “plan” I always TRUSTED in it; in him.   I ended up placing 1st in Masters and 2nd in Figure Class A.  Even after having 4 babies, I felt better than I did in any other show.

On top of being an expert in his field, Scott is truly a stand up guy.  He is honest, kind, warm-hearted and is a family man.  He truly knows the meaning of “life-balance”.  He continues to encourage, inspire and motivate people in every avenue of life.  I am extremely honored and thankful that our paths crossed and will continue to work with Scott as I compete in the near future.”

– Bre Drobac