03 Jun
Scott Keppel

“For the last year of my life working out with Scott has taught me a different approach to fitness. Rather than concentrating on the end of goal of a perfect body, they  have taught me how to find beauty in strength, making my body and mind strong. This different mentality and training has improved my body composition and shaped it in a way I didn’t think possible. It has also given me the self-confidence I needed to feel comfortable in my own skin. Scott’s way of transforming bodies is by caring for his clients and helping each one of them become a better improved version of themselves. I’ve worked with many trainers and experience many different diets, none of which have been sustainable and some which have resulted in injury. Scott’s plan is a lifestyle it does accommodate the foods we like and we never ever compromise our bodies. You wont be disappointed when  you work out with Scott and you will feel a support within the gym that I have not received anywhere else.”

– Rosemarie Burgos Zimbelman