30 Jun
Scott Keppel

“I had spent a lifetime of being ‘the last kid picked in gym class’ when I was introduced to Scott. I was turning 40 and had accomplished so much in every other aspect of my life, yet never felt confident with my body image. I decided to challenge myself by entering a Figure competition. Scott assessed my fitness level and laid out a 10-month plan for training and nutrition. It was an amazing experience – at every check-in, Scott would assess my progress, say ‘let’s change X’, then BAM…more bodyfat gone next week. Unbelievable. Some trainers can create a nutrition & exercise plan, but what I love about Scott is that he always – subtly – knows how to train you mentally to get out of your own way. I stepped onstage 1 day before my 40th birthday at 11% bodyfat, down from 31%, feeling happier and more confident than I have in my lifetime! Thanks, Scott!!” – Stephanie S. Wade, MD

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