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My name is Scott Keppel and I am happily married to my wife Melissa and
the father of three teenagers (Gavin 18, Alexandra 16, Gabriel 13). I
am the proud owner of Scott‘s Training Systems. We are a team of
fitness and nutrition coaches based out of Chandler, AZ with clients
across the nation. I am a nationally certified personal trainer through NASM and ISSA. My other certifications range from Pre and Post Natal, Breast Cancer Recovery, Power Plate, MovNat, Spitfire Sled training master programmer and NASM sled training. My more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry has helped me reach people with specific lifestyle and fitness goals.

My key to success as a coach is my ability to emphasize with my clients. Truly getting to know the ‘why’ of my client, and understanding their strengths and limitations is crucial, no matter the clients fitness level and/or goal. I also have deep desire to not fail and thus will study, practice, and do whatever it takes to be the best coach for my client(s). At the end of the day, my mission is the be the best man I can in hopes I can inspire my family, my coaches and my clients.

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I am currently training in-person and online via Zoom. Contact me today to get started.

Pageant Coaching

For over a decade, I have coached hundreds of women for bikini, figure, fitness, physique competitions and pageant training, including dozens who have placed top 5 at Miss USA and Miss America. I am the official trainer for Miss Arizona USA, Miss Teen Arizona USA, Miss Arizona and Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen. I now work nationally with Miss Utah USA, Miss Teen Utah USA, The Pageant Planet and Future Productions, who are the directors of seven different states in the USA system.

I enjoy pageant coaching, as it is a time in a women’s life where they are their most beautiful, but often don’t see it. I aim to coach them to realize how
strong, amazing, and beautiful they are. Helping women aspire to and achieve their goals is one of the highlights of my career.

“I’m so grateful to have had Scott train me for Miss USA 2014. Not only did I feel great physically, but he ensured I focused just as much on my mental and emotional health as well. Scott is so much more than a trainer, he truly invests his time and energy into every individual he works with. I can’t recommend him enough.”
-Jordan Wessel
“I have been working with Scott for about 3 years as I prepared to compete at Miss Teen USA and after I gave up my title as Miss CO Teen USA. I am so grateful for all he has done for me! STS nation has helped me gain confidence in myself, and everyone has always cared for me not only physically, but mentally.”
-Chloe Zambrano
“When I won Miss Arizona 2013, Scott helped me get ready for the big, nationally televised Miss America pageant. He personalized a workout and diet plan specifically for me and my body type and helped me set and achieve my goals. Not only did he help me with my physical body appearance, but he also helped me understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, maintain a healthy and stress-free mind, have confidence in myself, and love myself. As we all know, life gets stressful sometimes and working out and making the healthy decision can become a difficult task — Scott has been there for me throughout these hard times and continues to help me when I struggle. Post pageant, I experienced binge eating and low self-esteem and gained over 20 pounds. Scott helped me step by step, day by day through this slump and uplifted my spirit and mind. He was there to talk if I needed to vent and he was there to push me when I needed motivation. This is why I choose to continue to train with Scott, to keep myself healthy and happy. My next goal is to do a bikini competition, so he is getting me ready for that! Scott believes in me and encourages me to be the best version of me. He is truly my personal trainer, nutrition coach, counselor, life coach, and friend all at the same time, and I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful to have him as a trainer.”
-Jennifer Smestad
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As the proud owner of Scott’s Training Systems (STS), a world class fitness and nutrition team based out of Chandler, AZ, Scott has learned the ins and outs of being a fitness entrepreneur. In addition to his gym, Scott is a partner with COACHD, a team of nationally certified fitness coaches throughout the nation, which use technology to support clients worldwide. Scott and his team have developed several corporate wellness programs, including program design, nutritional guidance and when necessary he assists businesses design their workout facility.  He is a NASM Master Trainer and is certified through  ISSA and Movnat. Scott specializes in weight loss, muscle building, perimenopausal,  pageantry, pre-post natal, post breast cancer and sport specific. In addition, Scott works with several clients post physical therapy and/or while going through physical therapy to assure they do not get injured.

I enjoy training entrepreneurs, because I am one. I know what it takes to get up every day and grind and still find time for my family and my health. I wrote this e-book to help entrepreneurs around the world on their fitness journey.

“I love working out with Scott at STS. As a business owner, it’s crucial
for me to get in a sweat first thing in the morning to clear my mind and
have a productive day. In addition, I appreciate walking in to the gym
and Scott already has a workout planned for me based off my needs. I
would highly recommend hiring Scott or anyone at STS as personal
-Mike Spangenberg
CEO & Co-Founder | State Forty Eight

My Services



I specialize in coaching clients for pageants, as well as bikini and figure competitions.



I support moms with diet support and safe training during and after pregnancy.



I provide nutrition analysis and develop custom meal plans to meet our client’s needs and objectives.



I aid clients on their path to recovery and specialize in breast cancer recovery and injury rehab.



I enjoy coaching other entrepreneurs to achieve their fitness goals and business aspirations.



I help optimize the performance of athletes by providing specialized sport training.

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Please contact me for all inquires – including information on my large group workouts, private/semi-private coaching, and online training options.

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