Reed Barnes

  • Coach
  • Scott's Training System

SPECIALIZATIONS: Youth strength and conditioning, sport specific training, general
fitness, weight loss, group fitness and mobility.

Fitness is my passion and I strive to help as many individuals as I possibly can. My
main goal is to influence the youth so I can and help mold them into better and more
coachable athletes. I do this by utilizing integrated training methods that address
strength, stability, power, endurance, injury prevention, and proper mindset. When
it comes to training my non-athlete clients, I take a functional approach to their
training. By doing this I help my clients reach their goals and not only just look
better but feel better as well. I accomplish this by addressing muscle imbalances,
incorporating corrective exercise and proper mobility. My Training philosophy
comes from not just my love for exercise but also my background in playing multiple
sports throughout life, and dealing with many injuries as well.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise & Wellness for ASU