01 Nov

I was looking for someone to help guide me with general fitness as well
as get me in shape for an annual biking trip to Colorado with my
buddies. My wife decided to work with Scott for a figure competition
prep and suggested I talk with him regarding my goals. Scott was the
perfect find for both my wife and me. He customized a fitness and
nutrition plan that gave me results beyond my expectations. I’ve tried
working out on my own in the past, however, due to a busy life and
endless excuses, I had difficulty staying on track. Working with Scott
kept me accountable. He was able to modify a fitness plan that was
sustainable for me.

In past years, I struggled to keep up with the guys on our bike trip.
This year was different, I felt stronger and more confident in my riding
and easily stuck with the group. My buddies were quick to notice my
improved fitness, physical build, and biking ability. I’m excited to
keep working with Scott to continue to improve my overall health!

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