01 Nov

Working with Scott has been nothing short of life changing. Competing in
a figure competition has been on my bucket list for 5 years. I have been
a runner since I was 12 years old! After 4 children, my body became
plagued with injuries. Knee, hip, ankle problems, tendinitis, you name
it I have experienced it. Needless to say, the injuries sidelined me
from running.

My competitive nature had me in search of something I could compete in
other than races. That is when I found Scott and STS Training Systems!
Scott is unlike any other coach I have worked with. He identified my
goals, understood how I tick, and customized a plan just for me. His no
nonsense approach kept me honest and helped me acheive a goal I never
imagined I could.

Scott didn’t let me become complacent, which ultimately led to my
success. Scott’s program didn’t only bring me onto the stage, it
provided me with diet and exercise guidance I will use for the rest of
my life!! Thank you Scott for this incredible experience, can’t wait for
my next prep with you!

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