21 Mar

Whether you want to lose weight, lose body fat, gain weight or maintain, it’s important you know your current food intake and what’s need for your goal. Some individuals will use an app to track their food. I personally like Myfitnesspal. Assuming you are entering the information in correctly and you are doing it consistently…

12 Mar

Having a “Bad” Day?  Maybe, this isn’t your “Best” week, month, and year. No Matter what “down” time you’re having, YOU do have the power to turn it around. I know something’s are easier to overcome than others, but my hope is after reading this blog you will feel better equipped to move on. Watch…

03 Mar

Let’s talk about something we all do.  That’s right. Let’s talk about poop! While this is not necessarily a “fun” topic, it is one we need to address.  The reality is more than 40 million American adults report they are constipated or just not “regular”. While we all may have a different idea of what…